Estephania Joinvil

April 2010

Joinvil Estephania is originally from Cayes Jacmel, an area near the city of Jacmel, where she remembers making mudpies and tables out of scraps of wood.  As the oldest child, she led her family’s way to Port-au-Prince, moving there for high school with her parents and seven younger siblings following after her.  She learned responsibility at a young age, often being called upon to keep order in the house when her parents were not home.  Joinvil is reserved, respectful, and a bit hesitant to open up until she knows people.  Her interest in nursing was spurred by an incident in high school where a girl passed out in class.  No one knew what to do and Joinvil realized that if she were a nurse she would have been able to handle the situation.  Her dream is to combine infant psychology with nursing and work with children in a setting where she can help those in greatest need.