Haitian nursing student

Fabiele Smith

April 2010

Fabiele Smith comes from a small town in the hills above Port-au-Prince.  She was raised by her aunt and was very close to one of her older cousins who she credits with teaching her how to study so that she could succeed in school.  As a child she loved to jump rope and as a teenager she loved biology, physiology and chemistry.  She was quiet in school and is still a little shy, but is recognized by her friends as someone who is always ready to help.  Her face lights up when she talks about nursing.  She hopes to continue her studies after nursing school to become a nurse midwife.  Several members of Fabiele’s family died in the earthquake, and their house is uninhabitable.  She is staying with her friend’s aunt but if she can find a sponsor, would like to live in the dormitories at her school so she can focus on her studies without worrying about the street crime that has plagued Port-au-Prince since the earthquake.